LCN2016 — Rate-adaptive Link Quality Estimation for Coded Packet Networks

This page contains supplemental materials referenced in our paper 'Rate-adaptive Link Quality Estimation for Coded Packet Networks', which is accepted for publication at the 41st IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN).

All projects can be built under Debian/GNU Linux by running './configure && make'. Shared libraries are installed to '/usr/local/lib' by running 'make install'.

Signatures can be verified using key B7C0 93EB A061 8CA2 4185 2ADC 5976 540B 01E6 96A4.

ralq — rate-adaptive link quality estimation

ralq-0.2.tar.xz SHA256: af8b0bc81b15d5e3ee1cf81e8438201914800be0e651816632487519df8e7c62
ralq-0.2.tar.xz.sig SHA256: 6374032e4caf60ef849cf4bdac12b9b431a4154b87075a5e4b997f5a7b8c27aa

libmoep — packet injection library

libmoep80211-1.1.tar.xz SHA256: 12891a5f937a94b9f7394b26145e3d06db0dbebfa240a0fc92084d54068f8ca0
libmoep80211-1.1.tar.xz.sig SHA256: 1f2d5dd37a37f2601194b02912e96da976755175d39cb224d258191015caae58